Every good piece of literature manages to be original, and so I’m going to mark myself as a crap piece of literature and quote John. “In the beginning was the word” he says, “and the word was with God”. It seems after he brings God into it, John manages to screw the work up, but I suppose that John is one of the four central gospels, and it is inevitable that he has to mention the big G somewhere along the line. Trying to be a religious text without mentioning religion isn’t practical or possible.

Perhaps beginning is so difficult because I (the author) has to introduce you (the reader) to myself. Hello. I’m a 17 year old writer, philosopher and male who rejoices in the middle name of Bede. And you are? You are now a Bedeian, as well as hopefully other things. This is a blog on my life, as I have very little else to talk about. Apart from the apostolic gospels.

Today’s quote “The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet”- Edward Thomas, 1878-1917, English poet. Try to impress a human being with it.

Chat and debate. It's great.

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