….and endings…

Don’t panic. Ending a blog with only two articles would be weird and stupid. This story is far more interesting. I go to a college called King Edward’s VI in Stourbridge, and last night was our final music concert. Now, I can easily accept I’m not most musically gifted guy or gal to walk the earth. I’m no Mozart- way from it. Still, I’ve grown to like and love the music department. And everyone was feeling slightly sad (if not to say teary) at the end of the concert last night. So today we had an “emergency” rehearsal for another concert we have in, like, a month. This was a fabulous guise created by our conductor. The true motive was “lets meet up and sing a bit and eat chocolate cause it has anti depressants in it”. So we met. And sang a bit. And ate chocolate. And listened to ourselves from last night’s concert. And we sang along with full bravado. We were like flies who know their warm life they had is come to an end, and so dance before their death. Dance in the May sun.


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