The Zoroastrian Union

Sunday night is the night of watching shows on something I don’t care about while sitting on my sofa. Whilst I was watching somebody make 18th Century ice cream, I was thinking to myself about Zoroastrianism. Not up to speed with your ancient Persian religions? Well, find out more about Zoroastrianists here. If you can’t be bothered to read through the complex Wiki page, it’s just simply the idea that there’s a good god and a bad god, who are constantly in battle. When good things happen then the good god is winning and when the bad god is winning bad things happen. It was pretty popular in Ancient Iran before Islam, but still is around, if you look hard enough.

Zoroaster, central philosopher of Zoroastrianism and inventor of barbecues.

I carried on thinking to myself that these two gods have been fighting it out for a long time, and it seems a pretty large shame that no one really cares about this somewhat epic boxing match. So, continuing this thought to myself, I decided that there was one thing that I need to set up in the last week I have left of college. We have a Christian union, and so we need a Zoroastrian union. It doesn’t have too be much- just find out about it and try to spread the message of Zoroaster (who is the prophet of Zoroastrian). Sadly, I think the only person who’ll partake in this epic crusade with me is my friend’s dog Clifford. Which is hardly surprising, as not everyone is interested in ancient Persian religions.

“A reflective, contented mind is the best possession.” Zoroaster. Use it and impress a human or warring god!


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