In praise of ponchos

My parents are both priests, and this leads to us going each year to a Christian festival called Greenbelt. It’s fun cause the people are cool and hip and though they like God that’s all right cause that means they don’t try and kill people or hurt other people and often they help poor people which is even better. And while you are at the great festival that is Greenbelt, there are a lot of ponchos on sale.

These guys like ponchos

Those who know me wouldn’t call my fashion sense the most hippy in the world. Shirts, jumpers, chinos or jeans are my forte. Yet as soon as I saw the ponchos, I decided I had to have one. Parting with £20 happily, my poncho entered my life and my soul.

These guys rock ponchos like no body’s business

These are not just fashion accessories though. For the Native American people living in the Andes, these pieces of clothing were great. They provided shelter, warmth and just general greatness for anything that they ever could want and need. It’s been around since 500 BC, making it the contemporary of the toga (another equally cool piece of clothing) and is fantastic in many respects. But then the American Army developed it and found out that the poncho was not just a hip piece of clothing, but also could be used as a rain shelter. Not only did the poncho help defeat the Nazis, it’s still being used by the US Army to this very day. Ponchos are, undoubtedly, the greatest piece of clothing time has to offer. 

Even George Bush wears ponchos. Don’t allow this to put you off

Whilst there are no quotes on the greatest piece of clothing of all time, — Yves Saint-Laurent says that “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Which tells you all you need to know for a piece of clothing that’s been in use for two and a half millennia. 

Clint and that famous poncho
Ponchos are easily up-datable to modern culture
Too true




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