Resuming Transmission


I’ve wanted to blog since I was fourteen. To begin with, I started a blog called a Labour Schoolboy writes. I wanted to be a journalist, and write about politics, and thought that’d be cool. But that petered out. I got a bit older, wanted to do some different stuff, started another political blog, wrote some more about politics. And that petered out. Then I started, while at sixth form college, the Fable of Bede. That was fun for a while, but petered out. Then I tried to start a fourth blog about marketing to prepare me for the big world of work. And that petered out. 

I guess they all fizzled out as I had no big picture on what they could be like. Building a blog can be hard, lonely writing which can feel more like you’re shouting across the ocean expecting some kind of reply than something that is actually meaningful. Often I start out filled with great ideas for blog posts, only to find that two months later I feel I’m chained to writing something that no-one is reading. And that’s just a little bit dismal.

When I started the Fable of Bede though, it felt like a genuinely creative event in my life. Looking back over the posts which I wrote at the age of 18, they have a sense of creative direction which I’ve not had before or since. I’ve spent a longer period of time hoping to be a writer, perhaps since the age of 4 or 5, than I have wanting to be a blogger. I’ve tried writing novels, plays, poems, short stories- I tried to write the sixth Harry Potter book at the age of seven as I couldn’t wait for JK to write it herself and thought she needed some help from an experienced young writer such as myself- yet what was probably my best writing experience ever was the first few months of writing the Fable of Bede. 

I’m 21 now, about to finish my degree, and life is going great. I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend, great friends, an excellent family and a beautiful flat to live in. My degree is really interesting, I’m at the heart of Sheffield surrounded by interesting things and I’m running way more than I ever have done in my life. Yet I feel that in my day to day life, I’m passively appreciating these things and not doing anything that embraces them in an active, creative way.

I want the Fable of Bede to be a place for me to expand a creative and honest writing style. That might be a bit hard and perhaps hard to read, but I’m excited for it to have that continual impetus of daily blogging. I’ll keep writing until it feels like it’s just not working out for me, but until that time, I hope that I can write and create something interesting daily.

So, I’m re-booting the Fable of Bede for a second season after the flop of the first series. Stick around- there’s daily episodes published 8am GMT every morning. Check in frequently or check in once every seven and a half years. But, hopefully, you enjoy it. I hope I will anyway.


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