January 13th- What is this blog?

There was snow laying fresh on the ground this morning. It was snowing when I hauled myself out of bed and it was snowing when I swept the drive for my mum’s car to shoot off through the wintry streets. Flakes swirled down from the morose clouds above and lightly dusted the shoulder pads of my jacket. Snow seems like something of a surprise for the British: an event that is either to be seen as some large inconvenience and how dare the weather visit on me at the moment, it is such an inconsiderate move, don’t the clouds know that I have to pick up that Amazon package which didn’t get delivered; or it is seen as a gracious gift from the heavens above, especially to kids who don’t have to get to go to school.

We did not have this much snow in the UK. We never do.

I was one of those kids once who would stare gleefully out of their window on a snowy morning, hoping that the immortal words would emerge from our parent’s mouths regarding the road conditions and how it was just too unsafe. Today, I remained at home all day, but my work sadly hovered beside me.

This day has been filled with essay writing which is wonderful in so many varied ways and yet terrible material to write a blog about. So, instead, I’m going to write about the blog itself and explain a little of what I’m trying to do here.

I’m currently messing around. Mucking about. I’m trying out new styles with my writing like a chef tests out fresh tastes in their recipes. I’m trying to find a writing style that feels like a tailored suit and that’s something that’s hard to do. But one of the best ways to do is to get on with churning out the content and adapting it as I go.

So, for the moment, this blog is in a pretty fluid and pretty organic place where the writing will hopefully develop and the character within it flourish as well. That may be sometime soon or it may be for a while yet. But the simple act of having to write interesting stuff about how my day has gone is something that feels so positive, as it really gives the continued impetus I need to write. So this organic nature has some kind of structure.

The snow stopped just after ten and tonight there is little sign that it was even about. A clear sky and a bright moon tonight herald the creaking of frost in the grass outside. I had a fish pie tonight which I actually enjoyed, mainly because it was made out of pastry and not mashed potato. I typically hate fish pie, finding it bland and stodgy (sorry mum!). But this one (also cooked by my mum) was a thing of true beauty and may well be catapulted onto the top ten list of pies that I’ve ever had. If that’s not a good way to round off a day of dull essay writing, then what is?

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